Employer Pricing

Direct Primary Care offers a unique opportunity for employers to provide superior health care at a much lower cost than traditional insurance.

Offer more for less

Many employers find that they can lower premiums by raising deductibles; the savings usually pays for a DPC membership with savings still left over to help the company’s bottomline. With $0 co-pays and tremendous savings on meds and imaging, employers also have happier employees because these savings are in essence a pay raise.

Research published on the Free Market Medical Association website reports DPC memberships result in:

53% Decrease in E.R. visits
16% decrease in in-patient hospital days
58% decrease in higher-cost specialist visits
66% decrease in advanced radiology/imaging
77% decrease in surgeries
  • One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • $25
  • per person
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • $25
  • per child
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • $50
  • per adult 18+